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Collegium system is a blot on the Constitution of India: Upendra Kushwaha

JDU Parliamentary Board President Upendra Kushwaha reached Buxar. Where the press conference was organized in the guest house.

Said in the press conference that caste census is an old demand of our party and we will not go back on it at any cost. Further said that our policy principle is different, we are in favor of caste census. Not only this, Upendra Kushwaha has also given a big statement on the issue of conversion. No one can stop the change of religion by his will. This is a constitutional right.

Upendra Kushwaha. JDU Parliamentary Board President.

Regarding the caste census, Upendra Kushwaha further said that it has been asked many times by the High Court and the Supreme Court in different states to the central government. If you make a plan for the backwards, but tell them how many they are, there is no census in that way. That’s why the government is unable to tell. After the year 1931, till date caste census has not been conducted.

The same further said that stopping of reservation according to the constitution for the students coming from backward and backward society in NEET entrance examination is unconstitutional and unfortunate. A humble request has been made to the Central Government to protect the rights and rights of OBCs and EBCs by taking cognizance. Also said that the collegium system is a blot on the Constitution of India.

it is unconstitutional and undemocratic system. While being a minister in the central government, we had demanded its removal in the Lok Sabha and even today I repeat the demand to abolish it. Without this, the poor can never get justice.

Buxar Correspondent – Rakesh Pandey.



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